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ผู้เขียน: ที่มา:ต้นฉบับ วันที่:2023-01-15

US inflation falls to lowest level in more than a year

Special counsel to investigate files found at Joe Bidens home and office

Russia demotes General Armageddon after battlefield failures

UK and Poland confirm plans to send modern heavy tanks to Ukraine

Abu Dhabi oil chief appointed president of COP28 climate summit

Goldman Sachs makes brutal job cuts in quest for lower costs

Royal Mail unable to dispatch overseas packages after cyber incident

Centrica forecasts near eightfold rise in earnings after energy prices soar

Walt Disney picks new chair as it prepares for proxy battle with Nelson Peltz

The UAE business that went from obscurity to a $240bn valuation in 3 years

Saudi Aramco bets on being the last oil major standing

Abu Dhabi oil chief appointed president of COP28 climate summit

Centrica forecasts near eightfold rise in earnings after energy prices soar

Live news updates from January 12: US inflation hits 15-month low, IMF predicts growth to hit bottom in 2023

US stocks rise after inflation report

Indias new railways project picks up speed

Trade sometimes needs American weapons more than European values

Teslas Cybertruck may spell the end of Big Tech minimalism if it ever gets here

Why technology has failed to disrupt insurance

The EUs pioneering carbon border tax

How to be a better authority figure

Investecs Fani Titi: I tell my story because I think it can make a difference

EBAs Jos Manuel Campa: We are here to help solve problems

Robert Habeck was Germanys most popular politician. Then he took office

High and dry in Manhattan: buyers and sellers in housing market stand-off

Unhappy endings Netflixs abrupt cancellations

Spare by Prince Harry complain and explain

Bank of England winds up emergency measures triggered by Liz Truss

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