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Quick React Raptors 122 Hawks 124

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The reign of terror for OG continues with another excellent performance on both ends. Hes been the Raptors best player in this injury-riddled stretch. His offensive burden has increased tenfold, and hes still been dominant defensively. Eventually (well hope), the free throw attempts will start to fall in line with his attempts at the rim.

The veteran found himself in the starting lineup tonight amidst the injury troubles, but delivered on both ends. His exceptional cutting adds such a different dimension to the Raptors in the half-court, and he was a menace in the passing lanes early on.

In his first Raptors start, Juancho managed to play his best game of the season by a wide margin. He was effective and efficient offensively, and his definitive effort has continued to improve as the season goes along. Injuries may have forced his way into the rotation, but if he keeps playing like this, hell stay there.

The sophomore has been in great form as of late, with perhaps his best game of the season so far. He got to the rim with ease tonight, and his playmaking was well-needed. There are still some concerns about the shot selection, but he drove to the basket enough to supplement the occasional contested jumper.

The all-star had a lot on his plate tonight but did his best to keep the Raptors above water. Hes a crucial piece in the halfcourt, and it showed tonight even when the shot isnt falling (and it sure didnt tonight from 3); his rim pressure and passing were still invaluable, but a rough night from the field certainly didnt help matters.

He struggled early, but really turned things around late in the 3rd. He made some crucial shots late and got an extended run in the 4th quarter. Hes had a solid stretch of games recently despite fouling out tonight prior to overtime, and anything he can contribute during this run will be greatly needed.

The Rookie continues to impress and contribute, which in and of itself has been a surprise to some. Hes already benefited from the Raptors emphasis on offensive rebounding. His defensive acumen has and will continue to improve the more he plays. His ability to roll to the rim has been a welcome addition as well.

Hard to really blame Nurse for tonights outcome, when half the team is at home. He lost another challenge but it seemed like the right call to make with OG in foul trouble.

The Raptors shot 10 less free throws, a worse percentage from 3, and a worse percentage from the field than Atlanta tonight. Taking them to overtime in itself might be the victory.

Thad Young and Juancho played really well in their minutes tonight. I know Nurse has been hesitant to play them when the team is healthy, but when that day comes, theyve earned a shot at consistent minutes off the bench.

Losing a game in that fashion, it may be difficult to try and remain positive about the outcome, but this team is in an incredibly tough position and fought hard to give themselves a shot. This game plays out entirely differently with a healthy roster, and I think thats important to keep in mind.

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